Through diligence, I’m registered!

Two and half hours!  That’s how long it took me yesterday to register for the 33rd Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run. When the run filled last year and I could not register, I was annoyed and ticked off.

This year I set my clock to the registration date and time.  Immediately I experienced a serious case of anxiety.  When I logged in to register online, the screen kept reporting, “not available”  What??  Not available?  I’ve been waiting for an entire year!  This is a joke right?  Simultaneously I tried registering on my computer and on my smart phone.

If you’re not a runner, it may be hard to understand the excitement one feels at registering and participating in such events.  Running is a healthy and safe addiction; I’m committed for life.  That is, until my joints or feet say other.

The ten-mile run attracts participants worldwide!  While I enjoy the comradely among runners, and accomplishing new personal goals, I am amazed by the four-minute (4) mile runners.  Yup!!  Human beings actually glide along at a pace of four minutes PER mile. Hilarious right?  When I see these machine-like athletes, I enthusiastically cheer them on because, even at my best, I never did a four, five, or six-minute miles.  On a good day, I can sustain a 9-minute mile for 10 miles, occasionally under 8-minute miles, but four…. NEVER

Participating in these types of events is a way for me to give back to yours truly, so I get excited with each event that I register.  The Broad Street Run is one of my favorites.  30,000 runners  are expected this year.   Along the course, supporters dance, sing, cheer, play music and do all kinds of fun and crazy things to keep runners motivated.  There aren’t many places that I can go and complete strangers cheer me on. The end of the run is fun too.  Food, beverages, and other activities away runners at the finish line.

Runners vary in age, ethnicity, religion, physical abilities, economic status, and languages, yet we share a common goal.  Finish the run.   The average runner competes against their own time.  For the most part, as long as I improve my time and I finish the run, I’m happy.

So until May, I am going to continue to nurture my foot, increase my mileage, strengthen my hamstrings and quadriceps and lastly, find me some cool and colorful athletic attire to stand out among 30,000 runners.

Oh wow!  I just heard from a friend and fellow runner that she tried to register and the run is already closed!  That is crazy; it took less than eight hours to fill! That really stinks, but I’m hoping that the run organizers re-open registration; perhaps the website is temporary shut down.  That’s the optimist in me.

I’m wondering, what are you doing to stay  fit?  If you are not exercising at all, I urge you to try something.  Just walking  and eating healthier can start your fitness routine and improve your overall health. Go ahead, get movin!

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