Wednesday’s WOD

In July I registered for my first CrossFit Chicks class at Oceanside Wellness & Sport.   During the summer, I took the class three days per week.  I run on the off days.

CrossFit Chicks is a women only class, but the concept is the same. It is less intimating for some women.  Think of CrossFit has a combination of various fitness components.

“The ten generally recognized components of physical fitness are: Cardio-respiratory Endurance – Strength – Stamina – Flexibility
Coordination – Agility – Balance – Accuracy – Power – Speed”*  

Today’s WOD (workout of the day) was my CrossFit Chicks class.  Our instructor Lisa is highly motivated.  Lisa does not encourage or appreciate cheating—as in cheating yourself out of a good work out.  Every rep of every exercise counts.  I like her because she emphasizes form and corrects me when I am performing an exercise incorrectly.

The WOD varies.  Funny names such as burpee’s, Snatch pull, box jumps, and wall ball sound cool, but they are anything but! The names are funny sounding, but performing them will wipe the smile off your face.  Lol!

I won’t bore you with trying to describe what I did today.  I will tell you that, as usual, I was physically challenged.  The exercises are modified for me because I’m healing from a case of tendonitis in my shoulder.

Today after my grueling workout, I went home and showered.

Yesterday I promised my son that we would bike ride after my morning working out. It turned out that my bike’s rear tire was flat. No amount of air that manually pumped in inflated the tire.

So why did I get this dumb idea to rollerblade while he rode the bike.  Yeah, I can rollerblade.  But, I haven’t done so in over a year!  I use to rollerblade with him a lot.

I did not take into account that yesterday I ran ten miles and today I did leg squats and ran there different 400 meter runs.  Duh Tanya!!  Your flippin hamstrings and quads need rest!  They’re tired silly!!

As I slowly rolled down the driv way my ego (should of put her in check) said, “you’ll loosen up, you’re fit, you’ll be just fine.”  WRONG!!

From the very beginning I should have known.  Every single glide required more effort that I ever remember in the past.  Tailor rode his bike and I glided and walked in my dusty and spider webbed rollerblades—yes I had the nerve to walk in blades through my neighborhood.  I didn’t care who laughed at me.  My thighs were on fire!

At one point my son got off of his bike and pushed me up a hill.  Yup!!  I am not kidding.  I graciously thanked him.

So what I thought was going to be one work out today turned in to two. I kept it moving for sure today.


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