Have you exposed yourself to your deepest fear?

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.  You are free.”        -Jim Morrrison

Yesterday’s Stats (10/13/12)

Distance:    8.35 miles
Duration:    1:15;54
Pace:          9:05 Min/Mil (Average) –  5:19 Min/Mil (Max)
Calories:     1170

Arg!!   Grr!!  Immediately after I stopped running, I checked my stats.  I was off 6 seconds from breaking the 9-minute mile pace!  Honestly, this irks the mess out of me!  I know exactly where I blew the 6 seconds.  When I realized my pace was off, I wanted to turn around, walk down my driveway, and start run the route again.  I stood on the front porch loudly grumbling.

While running last weekend, I was frightened by a neighbor’s dog.  This dog is never allowed to roam the yard.   I always hear his bark from behind a wooden fence, but thankfully, until today, I have never seen the beast.

I knew I was in trouble when I came around the corner and the dog was using his hind legs, to ferociously kick dirt on his waste.  He scared the crap out of me.  I made the quickest U-Turn possible… heart pumping double time and all.

I’ve run twice since that day.  While I like my route that runs past this house, intense fear of being bitten by the dog has prevented me twice now from passing the house.

During my run I asked myself what else is FEAR preventing me from accomplishing.  I realize that a little fear keeps me from getting my best time.  Sounds crazy?

What’s my biggest fear? Dropping dead during or after an intense run from heart failure! Simply pushing myself too hard. Yeah, I’m fit.  I get a annual physical, but still.  We’ve all read or heard  stories of how top athletes have died after completing a marathon run or some other intense workout.

So today, I asked myself.  “Okay… so what if I died during or after a run?”

It would certainly be better than dyeing hooked up to tubes and breathing equipment squeezing out my last few breaths of life.   Heck, at least I would have checked out while doing something that I love and am extremely passionate about.  The fact is when our time is up, we can’t do a darn thing about it, and so as long as I’m taking care of myself and making smart decisions, my life is in God’s hands.

I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about this fear. The tought was random. I did think about it long enough to inspire me to run harder today.  I ran harder, and it showed in my time.   Heeeey, I’m siked!

4 thoughts on “Have you exposed yourself to your deepest fear?

  1. I know we hear stories of fit people dying of heart attacks, but they are few and far between. Most people who die from heart attacks are unfit. I am assuming big time now, but if you check the stats on it, I am pretty sure I am correct. So, I am rooting for you, Girl. Run!!!!! Besides, every time you run, you inspire me to walk. You are getting some other folks moving. You are an inspiration!

    • Thanks Shawn! I believe our overall physical, mental, and spiritual well being is linked to fitness. “Keep it Movin'” is my motto… I hope to inspire others to do just that. I am glad that you are walking; it is so good for you. Make sure you enjoy every step. 😉

  2. Barbara

    OK this one shocked me to the core!! You always had dogs around you big or small. Raymond use to scare the heck out of all the kids in the neighborhood especially when he got loose and would come charging towards you yet when you are in the house and he came in he was like a puppy. So people who have had dogs all their lifes can still be afraid of dogs!! Wow!! OK never knew that about ya and the thing that scares you the most and yet you still run. Inspiration and devotions!!! Good read Tom!!!

    • Hi Barbara! Oh yes, I am afraid of the dogs that I don’t know.Lol! While I grew up with dogs and still love them very much, one of my biggest fears is being bitten by one. We cannot allow fear to control our lives, which is why I run as often as time permits. I know that I am protected. However, if my fear came to fruition and I was bitten, I know that the incident would not go in vain and that a purpose exists. Meanwhile, I keep it moving and have faith… it truly is in God’s hands. :0) Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comment. “Tom”

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