Celebrating Vegas Style

A few days have passed since I returned from Las Vegas, Nevada. I still catch myself laughing ridiculously aloud in public places (work, supermarket, gas station, etc…). Hilarious images and comments keep popping in my head. Could it possibly be a crime to have so much fun? If so, convict me. Lol!!

Fourteen of us boarded a plane to celebrate hubby’s 50th birthday, Vegas style. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Yup, I remember the credo, but I have to say that all work and no play makes for a dull life.

Rather than the typical surprise birthday bash at home, I spiced up his birthday with a few close friends. An outrageous and funky limo ride with 14 friends to dinner and a “surprise” birthday dinner in a private room at the Stratosphere did the trick. Great food, drinks, and laughter was in order. Hubby said, “Momma treated me like a king!” I love it! Lol!

Anyway, no matter how busy you are, you have to make time to unwind. The daily grind of work, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and taking care of the family can take its toll on the most positive soul, so short getaways can rejuvenate the spirit.

Child care for this trip was tricky. Our son stayed in three different homes, including ours, but he was safe and he had fun. Knowing that he was okay, relaxed our minds so that we could thoroughly enjoy ourself. We left him guilt free; in June we traveled with him to Cancun, Mexico and in August we took a family Disney Cruise vacation. He’s done more traveling in ten years than I did when I twice his age.

He asked why he wasn’t joining us on the trip. I explained the trip was for adults with no activities for kids. On the real, if you’ve been to Vegas, you know that the activities are for adults who are kids at heart.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures.  Enjoy!


New York, New York Casino


Brooklyn Bridge


Bellagio Casino – Made with beautiful flowers




I love the Eiffel Tower!


Clowning around on the strip…


Bumble-Bee is my son’s favorite character in the movie Transformer, so I had to take a picture with the big guy.


I am in love with palm trees. I want one in my back yard.


Luxor Casino… incredible structure


A very fine wine tower at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay. Just lock me in there.. pretty please!


Hubby’s dinner party. I tried so hard to eat this slowly…. Ha! Ha! It was a challenge!


Wipe the drool from your mouth! Lol! Unbelievable! Bacon wrapped shrimp and jalapeno peppers.


Hubby and I waiting for friends.


Beautiful indoor water fall at the Bellagio Casino


9 thoughts on “Celebrating Vegas Style

    • We did and laughed the entire time. I created this post on my iPad and while uploading pictures accidentally pressed the “update” button. Oops! Lol! Will add more comments to the photos tomorrow. I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Yikes! I am going to be sleepy eyed. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  1. Now, I wish I had come. I usally don’t like to travel with groups, but y’all are like family.My sister said y’all had a great time, and the pictures look like proof. Karen and I went about seven years ago and wan’t to go back. I rode on that roller coaster on top of NewYork, New York (Twice!).The pictures are definitely magazine quality. James, you are definitely a lucky man!!!
    Your friend, Jack Thompson

    • Hi Jack! We would have enjoyed your company for sure! You on that roller coaster?!?! Love it!! Had the temperature been a little warmer, I would have rode the roller
      Coaster.. Definitely next time. Yes. We ARE family! Thanks for visiting Lexa’s Journal! 😉

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