“It’s Not the Age, it’s What You Do With the Age.”

“It’s not the age, it’s what you do with the age.”

“When you get my age, you’ll see! Getting old is a real bitch!”  These harsh words are mom’s, not mine. They are mother’s daily reminder to me that when I get old (whatever age that is), my life will come to a screeching halt. No joy. No laughter. Just aches and pains.

How gloomy is that prognosis?!?!  I disagree and while I haven’t hit the 50 year millstone yet, I am convinced that age is just a number. A number that we create perceptions about how we see ourselves and how we experience life as we physically and mentally age.

Last week I watched Lisa Ling’s, special on the Secret Lives of Seniors and was inspired by Ms. Ida Keeling.

Ida Keeling is an answer to my mother’s pessimistic view on aging.  Aging cannot be easy.  Between the body breaking down and family and friends passing on, it must be difficult.  Yet some seniors enjoy life and see each day as a blessing.  At 97 years old Ms. Keeling continues to run!  She runs the 100 yard dash in 51 seconds!! How cool is that?

Ms. Ida is a reminder to all of us to continue to thrive and to enjoy life. Don’t stop doing the things that ignite the passion within us. As we age, being alive means that we should continue to challenge ourselves and invigorate our mind, body, and spirit. Don’t stop doing what you love because you have reached another milestone…40…50…60…70 or older.

I will continue to run until my body tells me to stop and, if that occurs, I will revert to another physical activity. I am committed to a lifetime to keep it movin’.

Sunday’s mild temperatures gave me the opportunity run and was my first run since mid January.  The run felt great… although I am still a little sore, I am thankful for an outdoor run in February.

Distance: 6.15 miles

Duration: 1:02:13

Pace: 10:07 min/mi

Calories: 841

Enjoy the day!

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