I Started…

….I finished!

Today's stats.

Finishing what you start, is what really matters.  Around the four mile mark, I felt like quitting today, but that wasn’t an option.  Pushing through the discomfort (probably from last night’s Corona, hot wings, and french fries), and reminding myself, “Mind over matter,” help me to finish.  I pushed through the discomfort and exceeded my goal of 8 miles today.  Yay!!

Don’t get hung up on somebody’s elses numbers.  My advice to the new runners and walkers is to focus on your goals.  Don’t look at my numbers and think I’m great and that you’ll never get there.  Because  somebody else is looking at my numbers and saying, “damn she’s slow!”  LOL!!  But it really doesn’t matter.  Fitness is about maintaining overall good health and well-being.

Keep it movin’ and remember to have fun!

9 thoughts on “I Started…

  1. Ani Danelz

    Great job!! Looking forward to reading more about your progress. I just started this blog in honor of signing up for my first half-marathon!

    • Thank you and congratulations! Embarking on two new challenges is awesome, you go girl!!! Stay consistent with your training, include some cross-fit in your routine, and eat well…. You will definitely kick butt! I look forward to following your progress. 😉

    • Hi Shawn, Thanks! I hear people talk about their “failures” at working out and feel bad for them. I run because I LOVE to. If only everyone could find their exercise love, they would understand. 😉

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