Walk When You Have to

“Run when you can, walk when you have to,
crawl if you must; just never give up.”

                                                                         -Dean Karnazes

Today’s run…

Distance:  7.76 miles

Pace:  10:16 min/miles

Duration:  1:19:39

Calories Burned:  1065

The quote pretty much sums up today’s run. My run ended with a walk, but I would have crawled if I had to.  Right now, I am stretched out on the bedroom floor with an ice pack on the side of my knee.  For once, I’m not stressing about how this knee pain—it is pain, not discomfort—is going to affect the upcoming season.   There’s no need to stress.  If I have to reduce my miles, then my body is telling me that I need to strengthen other areas, such as my hams and quads.  I can live with that.

Today I felt the need to redeem myself.  Why?  Yesterday was my first Easter Sunday that I did absolutely nothing, not even our traditional family dinner.  Instead I ordered out and ate hot wings, a white pizza with fresh spinach, roasted peppers and garlic for brunch.  I should have washed it down with a cold beer, but my conscience wouldn’t let me go that far.  LOL!  I filled my gigantic beer glass with fresh lemon water.   What else did I do?   I tried the coach potato hat on for size.  Sitting on the sofa watching TV and reading was cool for a minute, but I don’t understand how people can do that. I felt guilty as heck going to bed last night.

Anyway, if the pain persists, I will see one of my favorite sports doctors at the Rothman Institute.  Although my run was cut short by knee pain, my run was great.  Taking in the fresh warm air and April’s sunshine, is all that I needed to get my day and the month started.

Enjoy the day!

2 thoughts on “Walk When You Have to

  1. Shawn, thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. I am crossing my fingers and praying that nothing serious has occurred. The quote resonated with me because the idea is applicable to all other aspects of our lives. 😉

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