Progress Is Progress

“Progress is progress..
no matter how small.”

Warm Up: 200 Meter Run + Warrior Lunge + 200 Meter Run + 10 T2B or K2C
Mobility: 8 Minutes

6 Minutes Toes to Bar Kipping
3 Minutes AMRAP Strict Toes to Bar
WOD: 8 Minutes AMRAP:
12 Jumping Lunges
30M Bear Crawl
6 Strict Pull ups
20 Sec L-Sit

You think this was easy?  Try it!  I dare you!

A “Strict pull up seems almost impossible for me right now.   Note–  right now.   Eventually I will meet my goal of knocking these out.  I know that consistency, patience, and drive will ultimately get me there.

Today, for the first time, I used the blue band.  I managed to complete two rounds (12) with the blue band and did my last round with a green band. So I’m pleased… I progressed.



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