Feverishly Waiting For Thursday

The body Achieves


5 Rounds 1 Min AMRAP Each- Cal Row

– KBS (55/35)

– Burpees

– Situps

– Dips (Power Monkey or box)

Rest 1 Min

Today was my Monday of CrossFit.  I hate that!    Frustrated on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because I couldn’t get to class. Feverishly I waited for Thursday.

The WOD was perfect for me today.  My first round of kettlebells, I used 20 pounds, which wasn’t challenging enough.  So the remaining four rounds, I used the 35 pound KB.  Oh boy…  I was challenged!

The 35 pound KB forced me to really focus.  I credit improper form to losing my balance and  half stepping backward.  “Focus!” I snapped at myself as I softly whispered the proper movement for the exercise.   “Use your hips!”   I swear the self talk helps.

The loud squawking of a classmate, motivated me to push harder.   It wasn’t any easier for her so why should it be for me.  We counted reps; I completed 360.  Yay!!!’

I’m exhausted.  And I have the chance to rollover sleep early and I get to sleep almost two hours later tomorrow morning.  Sweet!!

Sweet Dreams!

2 thoughts on “Feverishly Waiting For Thursday

    • Okay so I am not comfortable with being the subject of video, I will find someone to film me to post. Meanwhile in some of my previous posts, The exercises under the WOD are linked to videos of athletes performing the exercise. I will work hard to link them all, as well as provide a glossary of terms. Thanks for the feedback! 😉

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