Starting The New Year Off With “7 Deadly Sins”

New Year’s Day WOD

“7 Deadly Sins”
7 Rounds

7 Hang Cleans 95/75

7 Burpees Over Bar

7 Chin Ups

7 Pistols (Alt. each leg)

7 Planks Up-Down

7 bent Over Row W/Bar  95/75

7 Jelly Bellies

1 Min rest between rounds

Modifications 5 Rounds

Though I celebrated the New Year and didn’t crawl into bed until 3:00 a.m., this morning, six hours later, I got my butt up and went to today’s 10:00 a.m. CrossFit class!  An hour before class, my girl “T” texted me about class, so I jumped out of bed, drank some coffee and prepared for class.

Class was awesome today!  Our instructor diligently focused on technique and encouraged us to push ourselves to do better with each round.

“Come on, you CAN do it!”  “Yeah!!  That’s what I’m talkin about!”   “You guys look amazing!”

How could you not be motivated or inspired to push yourself with this type of coaching?

I am ready for you 2014!!!  Lol!  For three months, I have been planning for my new challenge, now I’m ready.

My psyche requires me to mentally prepare for any challenge that I take on.  To mentally prepare, I do the following:

  1. Mentally take myself to where I want to be (the goal) – Visualize
  2. Assess my current actions as it relates to the goal/challenge – Evaluate
  3. Honestly identify my behaviors that create a barrier to achieving the goal – Honestly Recognize
  4. Slowly wean myself off or away from the behaviors that need changing – Modify
  5. Replace the old habit/behavior with a positive new one – Substitute & Replace
  6. Find positive reinforcements (books, people, videos, images, etc…) to keep me on track – Consistency
  7. Avoid the naysayers who tell you that you’re “crazy,” “nuts,” or just out of your mind. Surround yourself with encouragers – Determination & Faith

For about 20 years, the seven steps have helped me through personal and professional challenges.  I don’t have a paper with the steps written down, I just do it.  I think today is the first day, that I can recall, that I actually thought about the process.

Best wishes to you all for a safe, happy, healthy, spiritual, and prosperous 2014!!

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