Delightful Summer Salad

To look at me, you wouldn’t think I enjoy food, but I do!  Today I tried a new Quinoa Chickpea and Avocado Salad recipe.  It was delightful!! My mouth is watering again, just thinking about it.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, which brings me to the main point of this post.  If you are serious (not just giving lip service) about getting on track to eating better, there is no magic formula.

Allow yourself to be free to try to acquire a taste for new foods. I perfectly understand being squeamish about eating delicacies of foreign origin.  But how can you turn your nose up to natural foods that grow from God’s soil?

Many of the foods I eat today, I was not exposed to as a child.  Some I more recently started eating and did so only out of a want to appreciate and to make healthier food choices, such as eating avocados.

I thought avocados were the ugliest foods. Even the shade of green is ugly! With a nickname, “Alligator Pear,” who would want to eat that?   That is until it’ sliced open. Then the beauty is exposed by the vibrant lime green and odd round wood like seed.

The first time I ate an avocado, it was blah… eh… okay, but nothing to brag about. After reading about all the benefits of Avocados, I was determined to find a way to include them in my diet and I did!!!

Okay so enough rambling.  The recipe is courtesy of  You have to try it!

Quinoa Chickpea and Avocado Salad Servings: 4 • Size: 1 1/4 cups  • Old Points: 5 pts • Points+: 6 pts Calories: 248 • Fat: 7 g • Carb: 41 g • Fiber: 8 g • Protein: 9 g • Sugar: 1 g Sodium: 403 mg (without salt)



It was hard not to eat the tomatoes and not put them in the recipe. Lol!!



I did cook the Quinoa. I just wanted you (if you’ve never brought it) to see what it looks like packaged.


The recipe called for red onion, but I had a bunch of Vidalia onions, so I substituted. They are sweet onions and tasted just fine.

cilantro lime]

How could anyone like “green” foods?  The Cilantro’s scent is as strong as its flavor. Mmm..


I know I should have sliced the cucumber, but I was in a hurry. 🙂


I don’t usually cook with salt, but I did use a little of this good stuff.


Gorgeous! Lol!

Directions: Combine all the ingredients except for avocado and cucumber, season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve. Just before serving, add cucumber and avocado. Makes 5 cups.


The finished product!  OMG!! You gotta try this!  Scrumptious!! Thank you!

Give it a try!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Enjoy your weekend!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Delightful Summer Salad

  1. Girl!!! I wish wish wish I lived next door to you!

    How are you doing? I have been so busy that I have not had time to blog much, then when I went to put up a post, I realized I had problems with my website and blog @@. Recently I combined the two and I have had a hellish time with it.

    Anyway, I am happy I can still read your posts and comment. I am not sure I will be able to put up a post successfully, but I will try today.

    Does your daughter have a blog? I just sent her an inbox today.

    I have to look at your healthy salad again–for inspiration. I love you, Girl!

    • Hi Shawn! If we were neighbors, that would be wonderful! You could help me eat less meat and I could help you with your sugar fix. Lol!!

      Although I am on my summer break, there still isn’t enough time to get everything done. I’ve tried putting myself on a schedule… some days the “schedule” works, while other days, I wonder what happened. 🙂 So much to do and so little time.

      I just saw that you combined your blog and website, so I’m coming over to visit you.

      No she doesn’t have a blog, but I’ve encouraged her to start a photo blog. She’s so talented.

      That salad is da bomb, but I can’t take credit for it. I found it on Pinterest.

      I love you too girl! Sending hugs and kisses!

      • Thank you so much for swinging by my website! Yes…that chile is so…talented. I told her I would love for her to teach a workshop on photography and/or writing–once I get more students. I have about 30 now, but their parents focus is academic right now. Once we have been in for awhile, I will advertise for more workshops. I may have a few artists on my hands 🙂

        • Yay!! Glad to hear that your numbers are growing! That’s fantastic! It’s been challenging for us to get up there, but I really need to figure out how to get him to your tutoring service.. I’ll have a chat with my daughter; thanks for thinking of her.

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