You Know You’ve Got It Bad When…

During lunch, I go to fill my simply tea cup with hot water from the office dispenser and what-ta ya know?

Someone removed the empty bottle but failed to put a refill in. Oh well, I really want hot tea, so I guess I’ll do it.

Oh my!! Lol!! As soon as I bend down to pick up the water jug, I’m like, “Hey G!”   I’m calling a colleague.

Look!  I found a new piece of exercise equipment to use at work!!

water bottle

A 5 Gallon Water bottle! This baby weighs 40-45 pounds.

deadliftCan easily be used for deadlifts!  🙂  Watch that back!

You know you’ve got it bad when you turn an everyday menial office task into an exercise. Lol!!

Not having time is not a valid excuse for not working out.  Working with whatever you have is way better than doing nothing at all.

Mean while, I’m stuck eating dried out and over cooked chicken breast for the rest of the week.


Ugh!!  On Sunday when I did meal prep, I wasn’t feeling well.  I think I had a 24 hour bug or something.  Anyways, I overcooked my chicken so– I’m stuck with it until it’s gone.  I’m so ready to puree it in the blender.

All right now!  Have a marvelous day and I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

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