Ecstastic but not surprised

As a mother of two, I study my children as though I’m preparing for a final exam in college.  Their strengths and their weaknesses are no stranger to me; I may be more aware of their fortitude and vulnerabilities than my own.

So recently, when my oldest shared her exciting news with me, I was ecstatic but not surprised.  It was one of those “I knew this day was coming, but freaking pinch me” moments.  DJ Jazzy Jeff invited her to join him on the Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party Tour along with  Anthony Hamilton, and few other artists.

She’s a gifted artist with unimaginable talent.  I don’t think she even realizes her full potential and is just scratching the surface of her abilities.  She is well aware of her professional goals and dreams, but doesn’t realize that she has the capability to surpass those dreams— as long as she remains focused and humble.

Last week was quite interesting.  While my daughter is on the tour bus, we’re
chatting via Facebook.  She eventually suggests iChat.  As I’m logging on to iChat, the realization that others may see me has me feeling reluctant, but I want to see her so I log on anyway

It’s 11 p.m. at night, I’m wearing my PJ’s, my hair is twisted into about 10 plats and I’m looking like a kid again all over again.  By the time I see my dreadful image on the computer, she is already introducing me to others on the tour bus.  Imagine that!  My first introduction to some of the entourage and I’m looking a hot mess.

I am so happy for her because she’s finally finding her niche.  Artists like her who seek a career in the Arts and Entertainment fields often feel pressure from others to give up, but she remains diligent and I’m proud of her for that.  I am most proud of that fact that she’s still a nice young woman who stands humble and doesn’t boast about her recent accomplishments.

Quite a few years back, we were watching the Grammy’s and a woman received the “Best Editor” award.  I told her that someday, she’d be receiving an award for her work.  She laughed and shrugged it off.  Perhaps now, she believes that mom’s suggestion is a bona fide possibility.

Congratulations baby, mom is ecstatic and proud but not surprised!  Keep it going and always remember where you came from.

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