A new laundry trend

I can’t speak for all women, but for many of us, there’s something special about putting on a pair of high heels.  Strapping on your favorite pair of heels has a way of making you feel particularly good.  No, I know what it is!  It’s a cool feeling of sexiness.  That’s it.  Heels instantaneously put a little more pep in my step and more of a feminine swag to my walk.   Lol! 

Today I found myself doing my laundry in heels.  Say what?  Yep!

Due to my passion for running, I am suffering from a foot condition (plantar fasciitis).  To speed up recovery, my doctor told me to stop walking bare feet on the hard wood floors, stop wearing , flip-flops –my summer favorite, and to wear a shoe or sneaker at home  that provides more support.

Last month, I started wearing an alternative shoe/sandal, but they don’t work; I’m still experiencing foot discomfort.  I switched to sneakers, which helps; however, my running sneakers are grungy.  In our home, shoes that are worn outside are not worn in the house.  I can compromise and wear my sneakers on the main floor of the house, but I refuse to wear those nasty shoes upstairs in the bedrooms and the master bath. 

So yesterday I rummaged through my closet for suitable footwear that has not yet been work outside.  Ta-da!  I found the perfect pair!   

They’re sandals so my foot can breathe.  They have a little heel and they are extremely comfortable.

I slid on my sandals this morning and didn’t think much of it.  Mom commented twice, “Hmm… you look nice!”   “Hmm… You look really nice today!”  Laughing to myself I thought, “What’s the big deal?!”  Even hubby was taking second and third glances with eyebrows up.

When I saw a reflection of myself from the basement glass door carrying a laundry basket full of sheets and towels, I started cracking up.   Not bad old girl!  I thought, “When was the last time I laughed this hard or got this much attention from the family while doing laundry.”

Doing laundry is such a long and drawn out chore, but strutting through the house in my comfy heels is making the chore more enjoyable.  I’ve decided to start a new trend at home—laundering in heels!   At the top of my to-do list:  Buy comfy sexy heels to do next week’s laundry.  Lol!

6 thoughts on “A new laundry trend

  1. In the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s women still wore dresses on a daily basis. Since this was the fashion they had house dresses that were still beautiful and feminine. Along with these dresses came heel that were just for the home. I am sure they felt beautiful as they cleaned the house and set thigs in order. Thanks Lexa for helping us remember we are women and it’s alright to look and feel feminine during the most mundane tasks ….even while doing that laundry!!!

  2. Cicely,
    Thankfully woman’s fashion has become more comfortable, stylish, and diverse. We can take pleasure in dressing to our “chosen” style and still maintain our feminity. Thanks Cicely and by the way, I LOVE sewchicoutique!

  3. Jacqueline

    I fractured my foot recently. One of the first questions I asked the doctor is when can I wear heels again. He looked at me like I had two heads and said, we can’t talk about that yet. I poked my lip out because I love my heels. He laughed. I go back in two weeks. I am doing everything I am told to do because my first question for the doctor will be. When can I wear heels? LOL You never know what your missing until it is taken from you. My mother always wore heels people always said she had sexy legs. I miss the sexy.

    • I am sorry to hear about your fractured foot; it sounds painful and to imagine life without heels is unimaginable. Lol! Keep following doctor’s orders and hopefully you’ll be back in your heels in no time. Meanwhile, I am experiencing the complete opposite. I have to shelf my flats & wear more heels, which means more shoe shopping. ;0). Thanks for visiting and commenting on Lexa’s Journal! Get well soon!

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