New road companion

Are you a biker, a runner, or a walker?  Even if you don’t fit the previous description, but have young kids, you my get  just as excited as I am about my new find.   If not, you may already know about these cool little identification tags and bracelets.

Before I head out for a run, I always make sure to have some ID on me. Safety is my first priority.  If an accident occurs or if I become ill,  I want emergency personnel and anyone who can help me to know who to contact and how to reach my contact.

In practicing with good safety awareness, I only run during the day; never in the dark.  I only run on roadways that have a spacious shoulder. Never have my music so loud that I cannot hear what’s around me and so on…

Anyway, I’m excited that I stumbled on the cool RoadID.  With RoadID, I no longer have to carry my driver’s license or other ID on me. I brought the wrist ID, but there are other forms and colors for the ankle, sneakers, and even dog collars.  The ID is also perfect for when I take part in running events such as the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia.

During the spring, when I’m running in the rain or the summer when I’m running through a neighbor’s sprinkler to cool off, I no longer have to worry about getting my ID wet.

You can list whatever information you choose.  Included on my bracelet is my hubby’s name, phone numbers, and insurance information. If you are out on the road exercising or even at the gym working out, this is certainly something to consider.  I’m now thinking, perhaps I should have include my blood.  I think I will add that information to the tag that I’m going to get for my sneaks.

I might even get a tag for my son’s sneakers, especially for when we are traveling or just visiting highly populated areas like amusement and water parks.  Kids sometimes wonder away, so this could help out in the event they get away from you.

Anyway I thought this was a cool find and wanted to share with you.

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