Gifted and Talented… No Doubt!

I am amazed by my daughter’s bone chilling talent!   Since Shaina could put a pencil to paper (around age 6), she doodled and sketched. Sketch pads were, and still are, great gifts for her. We could never convince her to take an art class (until senior year in high school)  and she was too advanced for the class.  Content in her bedroom she continued to perfect her hobby.  Drawing takes her to a peaceful and euphoric place, we can all relate to a place that we retreat to for stillness in our lives.   Today as a young 20 somethin’ she continues to practice  her “hobby.” This morning she shared this stunning piece with me and hubby.   Her post on a social network page reads,


“It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a pencil and a drawing pad.  I decided to do some portraits this week…”   She missed drawing!  Amazing!!




“Brushing up on portraits.” ESS.N.CEE (SNC) – 1/2013

I just had to share this amazing piece she calls a “hobby.”  Lol!  Enjoy!

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