First Run in 2013

I have come to believe
that caring for myself is
 not-self indulgent.
Caring for myself is an act of survival.
Audre Lorde

Finally!!!   Today I completed my first run of 2013!   According to my MayMyRun application, my last run was on Thanksgiving last year.   My son would put me in the chair-of-shame!  Lol!!  The urge to run never left.  Procrastination, time, and the holiday season simply got in the way.  I’m not making excuses, because I love running, but once time permitted, the weather did not.  Okay, so enough with the excuses.


Distance:     7.41 Miles
Time:             1:13:50
Pace:             9:58 Min./Mil.
Calories:      1010


The past week my body has tried to fight off this nasty flu that has so many people sick.  Wednesday my body ached. An old fashion dose of warmed Cabernet and sugar (brown) did my body well.  I woke Thursday morning feeling refreshed.

Thursday… no aches, but later in the day a slight cough started and the throat tickled.  I repeated Wednesday nights treatment.  Friday afternoon (yesterday) the sniffles and occasional sneeze set in.  Last night I conceded and took official cold medicine.

Other then the sniffles, I felt half decent.  The temps were mild, for January, so I set out to run.  I ate so many oranges this week, my skin should have an orange undertone.  Lol!

Anyway.  Before running this morning, I knew that I need some good fuel.  I wasn’t hungry so I made a fabulous smoothie using a recipe I found on Pinterest on Dr. Patel’s Diet page.


Kiwi, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, avacado, flax seed, water, and ice, all waiting to be blended!

Kiwi, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, avocado, flax-seed, water, and ice, all waiting to be blended!

I filled up two very tall beer glasses with this delightful recipe!  Hubby and I enjoyed!

I filled up two very tall beer glasses with this delightful recipe! Hubby and I enjoyed!

This smoothie was refreshing!  I did not reveal the ingredients to hubby until he tasted and approved the drink.  Ha! Ha!  That’s the only way to get folks to try something “healthy.”  Anyway, the smoothie was packed with nutrients and provided the necessary fuel for my run.

I set out to run for an hour.  Given my two-month lapse in running, I figured I would complete 5 – 6 miles.  Although the temps were warmer than normal, there was still a bite in the air at 11:30 a.m.  But I settled into my run nicely.

No goals this morning…  I didn’t care about time, distance, or pace, I simply wanted to marvel at running outside and breathing in the crisp, cold, January fresh air.  I know the fresh air and the exercise would ultimately help my body.

Todays run was perfect and I look forward to another run tomorrow.  Sunday’s temps are forecasted at 56 degrees, which makes for out-door running.

I am a little stuffy now, but overall I feel well.  Tonight before bed I’ll take a cold remedy.  All I want to do is survive this nasty flu season.

Since it is near bed time… sweet dreams!

4 thoughts on “First Run in 2013

  1. I love that quote, and yes it is “an act of survival!!!!” I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Also, I got a direct message from twitter that was not really from you, so beware…do not login in to anything that sounds strange in a direct message. If it is that important, you know, I will call you : ) Keep running. I am right there with you, Girl. I am taking care of myself!

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