A New Take on Cucumbers


Doesn’t the image above look refreshing? Even more than refreshing it was surprisingly delightful! “It” being an ice-cold cup of fresh cucumber water.

Yesterday while my son received loc maintenance at KinHairitage Salon and Spa, I was offered a refreshing glass of cucumber water. Fresh lemon water is my fetish and has been for many years. But I admit, the cucumber flavored water took the flavor of water to an entirely new level and offers me a new way to flavor up my water.

Water provides nourishment to our body, to our skin, and to our natural and lovely curls. Even the lemon flavored water gets boring so I can’t wait to switch it up this week.

If you’re looking for a new twist or a way to increase your water intake, give it a try. Below are a few interesting links that I found about drinking cucumber water.

8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water:  The Most Refreshing Drink Ever?

Double the Detox With These Water Additions

9 thoughts on “A New Take on Cucumbers

    • The cucumber water is easy to make. If you want to use the blender to make smoothies, the process is simple. Warning! Smoothies made with fresh fruit are addictive! Yummy!!

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