Monday’s WOD

WU (warm up):   Run 400 – High Knees, Spider man’s, Knees to Chest

Mobility: 8 Mins

WOD: Back Squat:
OTM1: 80% 5 Reps
OTM2: 80% 5 Reps
2 Min Rest

OTM For 15 Minutes Do 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk

8 Min AMRAP of
8 Thrusters @ (95/65)
8 Burpees over Bar

Today’s Workout of the Day was exactly what I needed. Why on earth would I think I “need” such a grueling WOD like this? Because Friday I celebrated my 48th Birthday!

I partied hard because the older I get, the more I acknowledge and appreciate my blessings. I realize that life is short and some folk don’t make it to age 48. I also know that tomorrow is not promised. I could check out early and not live to see my next birthday. Loosing family and friends, especially unexpectedly, is devastating and leaves internal wounds like a sharp knife rips through the flesh. The wounds heal, but the memories last forever. So while I normally keep up a strict regimen, I also leave room for guiltless fun.

My birthday celebration was full of good times and laughter. I dined with family, danced with family and friends–who are more like family– until 3 in the morning, then did my absolute best to stay awake on the ride home. Although I work hard at eating clean, for my birthday, the bang-bang shrimp certainly did not pass the diet, and neither did the cocktails.

The memories of the night still have me crackin up today. LOL! My 24-year-old daughter showed up, which turned out to be fun. We showed her how grown folks party and she and I got our bump and grind on together on the dance floor! On occasion, she shocked by moves on her dad and me by her smooth moves with her dance partner. She is kind of quiet so to see her “break out” is hilarious.

Last week I did CrossFit five days, so I took the weekend off. I am glad that I did but today was dues time.  As I grunted, and profusely sweated, I sternly reminded myself that extra affliction was heartedly earned and to suck it up and don’t complain. Bent over with exhaustion, while resting my palms on my knees, I momentarily paused, laughed and continued to push through the end.

Extra hydration is in order for the week, as well as, going back to my routine. I believe that quality of life is about balance.  Balancing work, play, and family. Too much of one and not the other creates challenges and inharmonious feelings, which I try to avoid. I know people, some family, who go hard into only one aspect of life. Honestly, they seem unhappy but are compelled to keep up with the things as they are use to.  I once was there, but thankfully learned a better way.

Only three weeks remain of my summer break and I am going to squeeze in as much fun as possible. Until my next post….

Thanks for visiting and have a marvelous day!

Understanding the language – CrossFit Lingo


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