Put Me Down…. Please!

In my bathroom, I am out numbered by male users by a ratio of two to one.  Mom has her own bathroom.

Sharing a bathroom at home with the guys means only one thing for the women– raised toilet seats!  Ugh!!   Yáll ladies know exactly what I am talking about.

A day when you’re preoccupied by too much multi-tasking around the house.  You put your bladder on hold until it is about to burst.  Suddenly you race to the toilet, crossed legged, trying to undo a ridiculously tight button or two with just enough time to sit on the throne.

As you gallop into the bathroom and prepare to assume the  position, you stop dead in your tracks.  Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  The freakin toilet seat is up!  You’re annoyed and want to scream aloud, PUT THE SEAT DOWN!!  For God’s sake, what is so hard about that?  For the ladies, it is the same old story never-ending story.

Recently I found a way to politely remind the fellas at home to put the seat down.  I was perusing one of my favorite websites, Etsy.com and stumbled on The Sweet Pink Bowtique and found this cool reminder.


How cool is this?  When the package arrived in the mail, I could not wait to clean the toilet and put the sticker on the seat.

When hubby saw it for the first time he laughed and said, “smart ass!”  The sign is simply a friendly reminder for him and our son to be more considerate for the only woman using the bathroom.

At times, finding balance in life is challenging.  The daily hustle of helping kids with homework, preparing dinner on the run, and making it on time to team practice or games can be stressful.

The smallest thing like someone using the last of the milk, an over-flowing kitchen trash can or helping your child to complete a class project at the last minute can cause you to loose your cool.

Trying to infuse humor into the daily routine and not taking life too seriously can bring a touch of humor to the home.

Will the sticker make a difference? I don’t know, but I think it’s cute– only time will tell.

Talk to you later!

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