Operation Destruction!

Flying red beetles with bright yellow polka dots and bug-eyed orange and black spiders probably does not come to mind when you think of a soon-to-be 11 year-old bedroom.   Eight years ago the theme was suited for our son’s bedroom.  The theme has run its course and I am amazed at how quickly that years have passed.  It is time to give Tailor’s room an overhaul.

My procrastination delayed this project by two months, but since school starts for both of us in a few weeks, it’s time to tackle his room.  Last week, every day after CrossFit, I began to remove the wall paper.  Notice I said, “after CrossFit.”    Although hubby would have been cool with skipping CF, that was NOT an option for me.  He’s hurting, but will thank me later.

Operation destruction has begun.


Here’s what the little bug eyed critters looked like.


The tool table now serves as a junk magnet.


The wall paper came off with little resistance.


Hubby showed me how to remove the chair railing and I am thrilled that I got it off. All they do is attract dust.


Dust magnets… be gone!!


Some of my tools. The DIF worked well on the wallpaper, but did nothing for the borders.


the boards DID NOT want come off the wall! OMG!



Am not sure what I was thinking when I put all this up! LOL!


This steamer did the job. Was a little messy, but the boarders were finally removed with the help of the steamer.


Yay! Blank walls!

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