The Gift of Positive Energy.

Not one day passes in my life that I do not feel blessed. So why should today be any different?  No life is perfect and mine is no different, but I focus on the positives in my life because I know that my life could have more struggles.

Before CrossFit this morning, I stopped by Produce Junction, a local produce market. I parked next to an old worn down red pick up truck packed with fresh produce. Getting out the car my eyes zoned in on the zucchini. Mmmm…. Yummy!  My favorite summer vegetable.


My visit to the market was quick. broccolini was the only item on my list. In and out I went.  As I walked to my car, I spotted the owner of the pick up truck. Tall long-bearded older gentleman.

“Hi, Do you own a farm in the area?”

He owned a farm, but not in this area.  I explained that I would have gladly patronized his farm because his veggies looked great.

Here, I will give you some!”

“Oh no, I’ll buy it from you!”

“Absolutely Not!”  He replied and started handing me this beautiful zucchini.


I graciously thanked him for his generosity and will do so when I’m enjoying them over dinner.

I’m telling you, positive energy attracts even more positive energy from the universe. Other than this morning’s CrossFit class, what a fabulous way to start the week.

Later, I will post today’s WOD, but for now, I’ve gotta prime Tailor’s bedroom walls so that I can get to painting.

I hope you have a fabulous day!



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