Hump Day’s WOD


 25 Min Cap To Complete Both A & B 3 Rds Of

(A) Tight Single Strict Press With KB 8L/8R
 Windmills 8L/8R
 200M Row

(B) 3 Rds: Turkish Get up 3L/3R
 3 Strict Hanging Leg Raises
 (RX - Legs Straight, Adv. Windshield Wipers)
 2 Walk Walks
 200M Run

WOD: 3 Rds For Time:
 40 Wall Balls (20/14)
 30 Toes To Bar
 20 Pull Ups
 *20Min Cap

Today was my second day of work after having two months off. I figured out the only way to fit CrossFit into my fall/winter routine is to indulge in the 3:30 class.

I am a morning person. With little hesitation, my body happily responds to early morning work outs. The afternoon drive is slow to show up. Maybe once the school year kick in and the tension, anxiety, and adrenalin from an average school day, invades my body, I will be more eager to burn it all off in the afternoon class.

I got a peek of the WOD in advance and was sorry that I did. I kinda laughed when I saw it, because the number had to be wrong.

All day, I thought about my greatest challenge:  Wall balls!!!!   did the math.

Forty times three… Ummm…. that’s an astounding 120 WB’s!

Say what??

Well, it’s possible! I did them with a 10 pound ball instead of a 14 pound ball.  I’m getting closer to succeeding at Toes To Bar. I did Knees To Chest and I’m excited because my form is improving and they were pretty good. Wooohooo! Woop! Woop!

Although exhausted, I completed 2 Rounds of the WOD and did 80 Reps– 10 reps shy of completing the prescribed three rounds. Heeey!

Quick note before ending this post….

Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I’ve taken on the challenge of facing one of my biggest fears… heights!  I repeat, heights!!  I struggle walking across the little bridge boarding a cruise ship, so crossing the two-mile (one-way) Ocean City bridge will be a memorable experience.

I am taking on the fear with at least one person and possible others.

I’m afraid!  Oh yes, I’m terrified!  

While driving across this bridge, I’ve notice the pedestrian walk… it looks small.  I’m just saying.  Oh Lord!  The bridge will be on my mind until Saturday.  I may need CrossFit after crossing this bridge.   I will share Saturday with you.


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