What Makes A Day Great?

Visit:  24.media.tumblr.com

Visit: 24.media.tumblr.com

Warm Up: 

Each Athlete Takes A Turn To Run 100M While Other Athletes Pass A Med Ball While Sitting In A Circle At Bottom Of Squat Position

Mobility:  6 MINS


        4 MINS:  Every 30 Secs Do 5 Reps @ 75% Of 1RM of Back Squat


40 – 30 – 20

1 ARM DB/KB Thrusters
(1/2) L   (1/2) R   (35/25)

Run 400M

DU’s or Jump Tucks

*20 Min Cap

I enjoyed the warm up today.  It was cool, interactive, broke up the routine, but very effective.

We’ve been doing a lot of jump tucks lately.  Well actually, the “we” is those of us who haven’t mastered the double-under’s.  None chooses tucks over double-under’s.  I’m just saying.

My Jump tucks are improving, but they’re still difficult to do and I so want to do the double-under’s instead.  I won’t give up.  I don’t give up.  I just keep trying.

Self declared bag lady.  I'm just walking in the house since 7 a.m. and after work and CrossFit.

Self declared bag woman.  I’m just walking in the house since 7 a.m. and after work and CrossFit.

bag lady

Hubby took these pictures as I walked in the door today.  Yup.  Still smiling after a long day.  Why?  Because I got my workout on.  Yay!!

Every night I make lunch for the following day.  Lunch typically includes  chicken, turkey, plain yams, broccolini, a salad, a Gala apple, unsalted almonds, unsalted cashews, a banana, or other healthy left overs from the previous nights dinner. I also take water to work and my morning cup of java.

Every night I pack my workout clothes.  I know that once I get home, distractions will mostly likely stop me from attending CrossFit, so I plan ahead and go directly from work.

After this picture, I showered, wolfed down dinner and headed to Medium’s football practice til 8 p.m.

All is great and life is good!  Work with what you got!


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