Monday’s WOD

SWOD: 5 rounds of:

OTM (on the minute) 1: 3 Snatch (TNG) @ 75% or Med light + 30 Du’s (double under’s) or 15 Box jumps
OTM (on the minute) 2: Rest
3 mins for transition
4 EMOM (every minute on of 5 back squats @ 80%, Last set do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) score reps
2 mins transition

21 – 15 – 9
Deadlifts (225/135) use Snatch grip
HSPU (handstand push ups)

Today was my first day back to work since last Monday.   Family and friends don’t think that I have days when I don’t feel like working out, but I do.  Today was one of those days.   Time seemed to pass in super slow motion.  You know, like the instant replay during a Sunday afternoon pro football game.

Folks don’t realize that days like today, I push myself just to get there.  If you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle or maybe you have a personal goal of some sort, you have no other choice but to push yourself to do what you gotta do.  I set a goal to compete in May.  And although I could not work out with my trainer today, nothing prevented me from squeezing in an hour-long crossFit class.  So as tired as I was, I went to class.  Of course, I felt better afterward, but the long day has finally caught up to me.

Right now, I’m too sleepy to say what I really want to say.  My eyes are watery and runny like I’m watching some sad love story.  On top of that, I’m slowly bopping my head to the grove of Jaheim’s, Appreciation Day CD, which of course, is putting me in a completely different mode.  Ha! ha!

Anyway, I’m a little irked with myself.  Why?  Because I heeded to the instructor’s warning a little too much to be careful with the deadlifts.  I only lifted 75 pounds and in the end, I realized I could have lifted a heavier weight.  I blew through the 21-15-9 deadlifts and handstand push ups, off the 20 Inch box, in less than 6 minutes.  Next time I am going to take the time to figure out my max and work my way from there.

Okay, seriously, after CrossFit, I sat on the sidelines of B’Dazzles’s football practice til 8 p.m.  I’m delirious and have to get some sleep.

Sweet dreams!

4 thoughts on “Monday’s WOD

  1. This is another great post! I am also inspired by it. It is now 7:17 a.m. I really do not feel like working out this morning : / I tried to make every excuse in the book. Last night I taught a private dance lesson (ballet routine for Xmas program), so this morning I thought, well that was pretty late last night so I don’t need to workout this morning, but, you are right-I have a goal to reach, and I am not going to reach it sitting in this bed on the computer. Plus, I can literally still feel the vegan chocolate chip cookie I ate in my stomach. Well, thank you, Girl. I am getting up at 7:30am and working out to Sweating in the Spirit and them working on choreography for another dance routine.

    • Good Morning Shawn! Thank you! It matters most when we push ourselves to workout through the difficult times. Yesterday was a long day, but today is a new day & you working out this morning is a great way to gain focus and energy… Also perfect to burn off the cookie from last night. LOL! Have fun working out! At 3.30 this afternoon, I will get my workout on. 🙂 Have A great day!

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