Priorities With Anne Marie

Buy In:   Run 400 m

WOD:    “Anne Marie”

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

Wall Ball

DU’s or sub 1/2 rep count of Box jumps (20″)

Between each round do: 1 Rd of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 push ups,

15 Air squats

Buy out:  Run 400 m For time

Once again I ended my week with a relaxing and much-needed massage.  Meditative harmonies playing in the background, while hot oils and stones softened my skin and soothed my aching muscles.  For a moment, I contemplated skipping the 4:30 p.m. CrossFit class, but I knew that was the WRONG thing to do.

Last Saturday, my son’s JV football team won a big game against a neighboring tough playing team. The win was bitter-sweet.   Translation– Another week of football practice in bone chilling temps (I hate the cold) and trying to squeeze everything else in.  For most of this week, I felt like I was literally hanging on by a thread.

Though I was off over the weekend, it sure didn’t feel like it.  I did the usual, shop and cook for the upcoming week.  Meanwhile, dustballs have their way throughout my house.  For now, the dustballs can have their way.

Working with my trainer on the day our schedules harmonize, taking CrossFit on the other days, getting to B’Dazzle’s football practice, taking care of homework, home, and trying to repeat the cycle Monday to Friday is all that I can handle.  I realize that I am not superwoman and I am not trying to be her.

Throughout the year priorities change.  For now, they’re in the right order. I love my family, but I refuse to put my life on hold for everyone else in our household.  I am a happy soul and the key to maintaining the happiness is to “do me”  while handling family business.

Finally in my possession are the names of two house cleaners. Tomorrow I’m giving them a call.  Hopefully, by Thanksgiving week one of them will available to make my house sparkle again.

I followed through and took “Anne Marie.”  I am overjoyed because I finally completed multiple rounds of pull ups with a thinner and less resistant blue band!  Hey! Hey! Hey!  Though it was only four rounds of five pull ups, I actually did all of them!  Fair well green band?  Maybe!  LOL!

I completed the WOD in: 21:54

Buyout Run 400 M. (parking lot): 1 min. 35 seconds

What a fabulous way to end the work week!   Though I’ll be hitting the gym to work my back and arms tomorrow morning, y’all have a fabulous weekend!

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