Breaking Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving 2013 was probably the first in umpteen years that I didn’t start my day with a 10 mile run or an intense workout.

Finally the moment arrived when I had to decide which was most important– finishing dinner for our small gathering of 10 or heading to the gym for about an hour a half to work out. LOL!

Honestly, the gym is what I wanted to do more than anything else. But I realized that I’d be more stressed after the gym trying to complete dinner.

Our holiday dinner yesterday was different from any other. Why? The sudden death of my aunt took a lot of my family to Tennessee. My mother is one of nine sisters. Aunt Gatha was the baby. Auntie was hilarious and made my childhood years so colorful.

Traditionally our Thanksgiving and holiday dinners serve 30+ family, friends, and anyone in need of a meal or just a warm loving environment.

So this year we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with absence of the family matriarchs with a small intimate group of cousins. This was the FIRST time in my 40+ years that we’ve done this.

For different reasons, we’re all consciously watching our waistline. We decided to break Thanksgiving tradition and skip the turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and a few other staple items.

Instead we created out own little seafood fest! Why? Just because and to create new memories. Also, we love seafood. Life is short… Live it well!

The eve of Thanksgiving was so relaxing.  Unaware of my actions, I captured B’Dazzle enjoying some quiet time.

Both ovens are full and the stove top is in full gear.  Just waiting...

Both ovens are full and the stove top is in full gear. Just waiting…

Usually this table is set for the family elders.  My cousins and I got to  eat at the big table this year.

Usually this table is set for the family elders. My cousins and I got to eat at the big table this year.

While dinner was smaller than usual, I still enjoyed the time with my family.  We chatted and laughed about old times and gave thanks for our blessings.

Me and my favorite little cousin Dom. Love her!

Me and my favorite little cousin Dom. Love her!

I am especially grateful for my wonderful, lifelong, and endless blessings.  Being able to open my home to my family, loved ones, and with others who are in need make the holidays all the more special to me.  No Thanksgiving shopping for me!

Be blessed and enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Breaking Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. OMG your food looks good! Almost made me forget my veganism! lol I am so sorry to hear about your aunt’s sudden passing. It is very difficult when a loved one dies right before the holidays.

    But I must congratulate you on getting to eat at the big table lol I was so moved by the fact that you have an elder table! How special is that–such respect! I love it!

    Yeah, sometimes we have to let our workout come second. It is very hard. Tuesday morning, I did not get a chance to workout before my nephew came over, so when he fgot here we worked out to Sweating in the Spirit together lol He took a good long nap for him mom.

    Much love!

    • The seafood was a welcome change. Some day I may become a vegan. ;). My mom and her sisters enjoy the dining room. Well after they are finished eating, they sit and chat. They took care of the nieces and nephews growing up. The respect is well earned.

      Once I got over not working out, I was ok. I just had to mentally adjust. Lol!

  2. What a spread. Made me feel so hungry! I’m a FOODIE! Glad that you were able to take the time to do something that matters. I could see you were torn but it’s great to fulfil some of the other areas of our lives too. Thanks for the authentic share!

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