Sharing Is Caring

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
— Cesar Chavez

Sunday I hosted the first of a year long series of Sharing is Caring Wellness Workshops. The topic, Food Prep 101 is often linked with bodybuilding, but anyone can benefit from the model.

workshop Me speaking

Thirteen enthusiastic and eager family, friends, current and former colleagues attended. Today I am bursting with gratitude. The feedback is nourishment to my heart and to my soul. The responses confirm, what I already know:

People really do care about their health and well-being.    

Life often gets in the way and, like a drifting swimmer being pulled by a strong current, swimming back to the shore seems futile. Fatigue sets in and the determined and hard-wearing current wins.  

Careers, spouses, partners, children, aging parents, and extended family can constantly pull and tug at us. If we live void of mindfulness,  we slowly drift with the current into a world saturated with stress, sadness, depression, failed relationship, and life altering healthy issues. Daily life turns into simply trying to stay afloat. 

I understand the struggle–Have been there done that. But I have also learned from my experiences, which is why I willingly share my knowledge with others.

My entire life, I have had a passion for fitness; always eager to know more and to do more and always willing to indulge in something new.

When I reflect on my life, I find it remarkable of how plunging into each new activity has moved me and stretched me to new and unimaginable directions. I realize (now), but I did not in the past, that each adventure served a specific purpose and has widened my perspective.  

Somedays I feel like a tree branch. There’s lots of budding going on and I am growing. I am focused and think I know what direction I am going; however, each new endeavor surprises me with a curveball. I go with the flow of the energy and am often surprised at the path and the amazing results. 

Awe man. I’ve gotten off track a bit, but my point is don’t be afraid of trying something new. Just do it.  

When I was a high strung 20 something years old,  I NEVER imagined myself as Manager of Training & Development at a gaming hall.  I NEVER imagined myself working in a high school influencing teenagers to do better.

Even ten years ago, I NEVER saw myself walking on stage in stilettos and competing in body building competitions.  NEVER did I suspect I would host a series of wellness workshops!  Oh my.  The surprises are endless!! 

If I can come from a plastics factory worker father, who grew up in the islands, with no high school diploma or GED, and from a hot-tempered, quick to whoop some ass mother, with 12 siblings growing up dirt poor in a shack in the deep woods of Weymouth, with no electricity or running water, and the only expectation of me was to not have a baby, to get my high school diploma, get a job, and not ask for shit, and become who I am today, then any damn thing is possible!

For Gods sake, please venture outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Anyways, back to my workshop. 🙂

It was delightful!

To comfortably accommodate everyone, my husband and daughter helped me to rearrange the basement. Thank you peeps!!

workshop set up

My daughter checking lighting.

I never want to force my lifestyle on anyone, so for the first session, I invited only people who have ever sought fitness related advice from me.  

My objective was simple: to give each of them at least one piece of information that would help them to make a positive change in their lifestyle.  

They arrived with bright smiles and eager to learn.  

The group had different lifestyles. Married with kids. Single with NO kids. Single with kids. Divorced. Working two jobs and going to school. They shared one common thread. A desire to live better. Beautiful! 

I covered the basics of food prep, answered questions, and welcomed suggestions for future sessions.

Workshop participants

My talented daughter videoed the session for me. Thanks Shaina!!

They indulged in light healthy snacks and a new wholesome and nutritious dish that I blogged about last month. [insert link].

Positive energy filled the cozy space and I could not have been happier.

A section of our basement is dedicated to hubby’s Man Cave.  All of the women were forbidden by hubby from entering the cave.  

What’s a woman to do?? 

Break the rules!!!! Fist pump!!

man cave

Although some people left already, there were enough women left to make our point.

Crash the cave with a group photo! Ohm gosh!! The perfect ending to a productive, educational, and rewarding afternoon. Nothing but laughter…..

What’s next?

Rest and figuring out a topic for March’s meeting.  

Last weekend was non-stop.  My son’s tutoring- an hour away, an informative two-hour meditation class, preparing for the workshop, my own food prep and organizing myself for my first graduate class in a M.A. in Wellness and Lifestyle Management program. Whew!  

We know that knowledge is power, but even more empowering and rewarding is caring enough to “include the aspirations and needs of others.” 

Happy Day to you!  🙂




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