Challenge Yourself To See Change

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

-Fred Devito

8-26-2013  WOD

Warm Up:     200M Run – Burpee Broad Jump – Charlie’s Angels – Inch Worm

Mobility:        5 Minutes

SWOD:   Work Up To Heavy Power Clean & Push Jerk in 10 Min Floor Press 8, 6, 4, 2 – 1 Min Rest In Between


OTM For 20 Min Alternate Between

Min 1= 2 Power Clean & 1 Push Jerk

Min 2 = 2 Ring Handstand Push ups or

4 Handstand Push ups or Elevated Push ups

Min 3 = 10 Back Squat @ BW 60% 1RM

1 Wall-walk or (5 Bear Crawls)

Repeat WOD

9 Back Squat, 1 Wall Walk, 8 Back Squat, etc…

Okay so I opted for the Elevated push ups and will eventually work may way up to handstand push ups.  Last week I worked on the HS push ups…. but must develop more strength to complete the move.  I have faith that I will get there.  After all, my wall walks are getting better.   Today was my first time doing the floor press.   I’m thrilled!  While I have a bar and weights at home, I haven’t done the press at home because I don’t have a stand.  I learned the proper technique, so I’m excited that I can practice outside of the gym.

After having resting my muscles for two days, I felt stronger today.  I know that as the week goes on, I’ll have to push myself harder, but I’m getting five days in again this week.  Next week I return to work and my workouts will move from mornings to afternoons.  OMG!  I’m not liking this at all, but the reality is I work for a living and it’s time to get back to business.   Mentally I’m preparing myself and already have a new schedule worked out.   How does the saying go?  Something like,   “…failure to plan, is planning to fail…”  You get the point.

I will miss the last few weeks of taking Tailor to the gym each morning.  At a young age, he is developing an understanding of the importance of nutrition and fitness.  His small frame is lean, but he is strong.  This morning I shot this video of him scaling the rope the way I’d like to.  LOL!  His treat for waiting patiently is a few minutes to do a few rounds of pull ups and rope climbing.  Oh boy!  We’ve got another beast in the family!  Love it!


8 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself To See Change

  1. Like Momma like son! What is a handstand push up? If it is what I think it is…that is crazy. I would kill myself trying to do that or break a arm smh I really need to read your blog every time I want a snack lol

    • You’re right; he ENJOYS physical challenges. To view a demonstration of one, click on the link “handstand push ups.” It IS crazy, but I am determined to get it. LOL! You’d be very surprised at what you can do. OMG, I’m laughing so hard at your comment about “read[ing] my blog every time [you] want a snack!” That’s hilarious. After the workout, I’m am so hungry, but limit my intake to healthy protein filled meals.

    • Love it!!!!!!!! I just returned from staying overnight at a friends house. You’ll be surprised to know that I indulged… pasta salad (but it had spinach and tomatoes), home made chocolate chip cookies, and fried chicken. Ugh!!! I’m human!! LOL!!!

  2. She does CrossFit on Saturday mornings. I cannot workout unless dance is involved. Well…I can but I don’t like it. Tonight she and I are going to Zumba–mad woman’s class.I don’t like to work out in the evening either lol I am quite picky huh? lol

    • That’s great that Jade is doing CrossFit. CF strengthens the core which improves performance in other activities. You can dance at CF during the 1-2 min breaks… Music is playing during the work out. LOL! I’m with you on disliking the afternoon workout. My body (or maybe it’s my mind) responds differently in the pm.

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