Deviating From The Norm

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
-Frank Zappa

Wednesday’s Work Out of The Day

Warm Up/Mobility:

Run 400M
3 Mins Toes To Bar (Kipping)3 MinsStrict T2B *Advanced Use Rings
3Rds Of 1 Arm KB Snatch 30 Secs L/R Run 40M

SWOD: 10 Min Snatch EMOM
– Use First 5 Mins Build To Have Hang Snatach
or Hang Power Snatch
Increasing Weight Every Min Util Med/Heavy (80-85% 1RM)

WOD:   AMRAP In 12 Min 2
20 Power Snatch @ 75/55
20 Burpees (W/Out Push Up)
20 Double Unders or 20 Box Jumps

This afternoon I experienced progress!  During the Toes To Bar Kipping, I got my toes within one inch of the bar!!!!  Considering that I was in the 3:30 p.m. class and that I am still trying to figure out my pre-work out diet, I was shocked–but truly happy!!!

Although challenging, I completed the 20 Power Snatches at 55 pounds… Another milestone!!  When I started CF, I struggled with just the bar, now I can do the lift with weights! Woohooo!  My form still needs improvement, but I am getting stronger and better.

The biggest milestone for me today was celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday! 

I’ve briefly written about our tumultuous relationship.  We view the world through different lenses and butt heads on just about every topic.  Regardless, I always respect her.

At 80, she can do everything for herself.  She proudly drives her black CTS Caddy around.  Cooks when she wants to, and still cusses people out at the drop of a hat.  My friends have affectionately nick-named her “Grand mom Dynamite.”

I woke feeling extremely blessed this morning. Losing my dad to cancer at 17 was one of the most difficult and darkest periods of my life.

Fast forward 31 years later and I have this wonderful opportunity to see mother reach a milestone of 80 years old!!!

Think about the number 80!  That is a lot of years to have walked this hearth. She has seen and lived through hard times.

Having 12 siblings and growing up disadvantage, statistics were not on her side. To her, today was “just another day.”

But to me, this birthday excited me the most. I’m not sure why. Maybe because the older I get, the more precious life becomes. Perhaps I realize that everyone doesn’t get the privilege to live to see age 80 or older.  Heck, mom has out lived her nieces and nephews.

I made progress today with mom too. After receiving a stunning oversized and beautiful vase of flowers today, she planted a smile on her face… The smile and pep in her step remained for the duration of the day.

She loves flowers so they were the perfect gift for her.  So that she could smell the fresh flowers in her room throughout the day, wake up to the vivid colors, and drift off to a dreamy picturesque scene, I situated the flowers on a portable table at the foot of her bed.  She was the happiest that I’ve seen her in a very long time and for that I am grateful.

Sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “Deviating From The Norm

    • I really think our bodies, even when functioning at their optimum, are already programmed. Some function more efficiently in the morning while others function best later. Once we figure out what works best for us, we have to learn to work around it. Go on girl, roll over and get your sleep on.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes for mom, I passed it on to her.

      Have fun with your dance class!

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