A Snow Day Is No Excuse For Slacking

Strong winds, isolated flooding, a coating of snow, and a little sleet did not prevent my school district from closing, but I’m home anyway, because B’Dazzle’s school is closed.

So what’s my plan for the day?  Remain inside and work through my list.

Check list:

  1. Sleep late Done!
  2. B’Dazzle’s Snow Folder – Will explain.. Done!
  3. Burn fireplace all day – Happening now! 🙂
  4. Cook black-eyed peas with smoked turkey legs in the crock pot (will post the recipe later) – Done!
  5. Play a few games with B’Dazzle
  6. Complete HIIT and Ab workout at home (Since I don’t want to brave the wind and cold) – Done
    1. Treadmill
    2. Plank twists
    3. Supermans
    4. Reverse crunches with extension
    5. Bicycle crunches
  7. Sort mail & schedule bill payments
  8. Check my work email – Done!
  9. Read

There are strings attached to B’Dazzle’s school closings; another reason I love his school!

Each student is given a snow folder that stays at home.

Cover of "Snow Day" folder

Cover of snow day folder

Snow folder assignments

Folder assignments

The folder contains reading, writing and math assignments.  When school is closed due to inclement weather, students are expected to complete the assignment.  The absence is only excused, when the student completes and submits the work the next day of school. The idea is to make sure that students are productive on their unscheduled day off from school.

He’s almost finished.  As soon as he’s finished, I can begin my workout.  Since I enjoy loud music during my workout, I did not want to distract him, so I waited.

I’m not sure if sitting down and writing this was a good idea.  I’m all relaxed now and feel the urge  to crawl back in the bed, especially since it’s not made up. Hmm… Choices!  Nah… I’m gonna do the right thing and work out– May is just around the corner; this is not the time to slack.

Enjoy your day! 🙂

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