It is A Lifestyle

One week ago today, I was getting ready for my first figure competition. This morning I am playing the role of cheerleader on the sidelines at
B’Dazzle’s track meet.

Although the competition is over, my training routine is still in effect. Last night I packed meals to make sure that I don’t succumb to the concession stand craze.

Honestly I have no desire to eat another hot dog for the rest of my life. I’m not saying that I won’t eat one, but the desire is gone. If I am jammed up without food, then I may go there. However, my plan is to be well prepared so I don’t have to go there. It’s going to be another long day. We’re in South Jersey and teams from Pennsylvania, NY, and other neighboring towns are representing.

So. I packed oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, brown rice, green beans, center cut pork loins, a ginormous salad, protein shakes, and an apple. Lol! I should be covered.

Why am I still eating like I am competing ?

It’s a lifestyle, not a destination

Okay. I’m blogging from my cell phone and it’s killing my battery. But before I end this post, I just had to share one of my many blessings!

Last night a cherished friend delivered a congratulatory bouquet of flowers for my performance last week. How awesome is that! I really do have the best girlfriends. Honest, sincere, loyal, and sweet. I am thankful.

Make it a great day and thanks for stopping by. Happy Saturday!





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4 thoughts on “It is A Lifestyle

    • Since I started eating clean, I noticed a huge difference in how I feel. Competing upped the anti on my diet. I no longer feel sluggish after eating. As long as I get a good night’s rest and aside from post workout muscle soreness, I generally feel like the energizer bunny. Lol! Your craving for sugar will eventually fade.

      • It’s fading… thank God!!! I feel kind of bad when people offer me junk and I say no. I think people sometimes think that I think I am better than they are because I am trying to be healthier. I do recognize how immature that statement sounds, and I sort of regret making it. Not enough to delete it, though lol Saying I was a vegan was bad enough…now I turn down sugar. Folks really think I am “uppity” now.

        I definitely have more energy now that I cut out the sugar!!! I do need to work on the sleep, though.

        • Did you ever imagine life without sugar? Probably not, but look at you doing it!! I give you props because I know it is hard, but stay with it. Lol!! I know the look, “Oh you don’t eat this…you don’t eat that! Child, I ain’t givin up my blah…blah…blah….” Yeah, I get it too!! Funny thing though… People who initially turned their nose up at the lifestyle ask me questions (privately) because they see the difference and want to experience the benefits too. I love it! 😂

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