In Chill Mode

It’s official, I’m in summer mode!  All the winter snows days made for a late start to my summer.  The patio is only half decorated with flowers, but at this point, I’m saying to heck with the flowers and am going to enjoy my yard as it is.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

It’s July 28th and today is my first time in the pool this year.  Hubby blew up some floats that I bought at the end of last summer.  I think I like this float.  It has a built-in pillow.

My plan today was to workout at the gym (back day) then run the Ocean City Bridge. Guess what?  Lol!  I did neither because I slept just a little past 9:30 this morning and decided to make it a rest day.  Besides, my biceps and legs are still sore from the last two workouts; the rest will do my body good. We took B’Dazzle to his football conditioning class and now I’m relaxing in the back yard.

Tomorrow I will hit the weights.

Enjoy the day!

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