Trim The Fat

You will not find bacon (not even turkey bacon) on my plate; however, you can bust me eating leaner cuts of pork like tenderloin, center cut pork loin or boneless chops.

Sometimes I get sick and tired of eating chicken, but I still need a lean source of protein. Since I don’t eat beef, a lean cut of pork does the trick. Tonight I cooked center cut boneless pork loin for me not the family. I am not being selfish, they want something different.

Yesterday I cooked them baked ziti (whole grain pasta) with ground turkey, fresh green beans, and baked barbecue wings.  I actually feel guilty cooking this food, but they don’t care to eat off my menu. I get it.

I will compete again in 2015 and need more size and definition. It starts with my diet.

Taking the smallest steps in the kitchen, can net the greatest gains in your long-term fitness goals. Don’t cheat yourself, trim the fat. Ya hear me!  Trim it!



As a teen helping mom in the kitchen, I learned that the fat has the flavor.  Don’t trim it off!  Please, don’t believe the hype… you can add flavor (using fresh spices) without the fat.IMG_3327.JPG

IMG_3328.JPGThe finished product was delicious!  Ingredients:  fresh garlic cloves (handful), fresh black pepper, cayenne pepper, McCormick’s Grill Mates, bourbon & brown sugar (closer to competition, I will cut this from my diet due to sugar & sodium content), olive oil, red wine vinaigrette (I will eliminate this too).

I broiled the chops 15 minutes on low on one side, then flipped over on high for about 15 min.  I like my meat well done… no pink!

On to my 100HappyDaysChallenge…

OUTLETI saw these outlets on TV and told hubby about them. He surprised me and installed one in the kitchen. Love them!  Now we can charge our devices and still have room for other electronics in the kitchen.  Their pricy, so we’ll slowly replace other outlets. #100HappyDaysChallenge4Lexa #100HappyDaysChallenge #Day48

BAKED ZITIBaked ziti for my peeps.  They are so damn happy to eat something other than brown rice and sweet potatoes. They’re happy to have pasta.  I am happy because they are happy and I taste tested it (about 4 noodles), it was delicious but I ate brown rice instead.  It’s called discipline and I have it!  🙂   #100HappyDaysChallenge #100HappyDays4Lexa #Day49

Sweet dreams!!  🙂



3 thoughts on “Trim The Fat

  1. You’re my favorite Tanya! I’m always inspired by your work ethic. So even through major back issues I slowly followed your lead to work off 30 lbs. Changing my eating habits helps so much even when I can only do very short walks or exercises with no weights for joint safety (no excuses). I still steal the ocassional slice of turkey bacon. Thanks to my real life fitness diva I’m feeling to tiny again ;-). You made me really think even if it takes me inching toward the goal to make it because we can’t all sprint it was still so worth it! Thanks for always sharing I know I’m always reading!

    • Hi Cicely! I am happy that you are making progress and your recovery is going well. When injury or illness stop us from working out, a good diet is crucial to overall fitness. Maintaining a healthy diet can help the body to heal. So often people return to their “normal” diet because they can’t workout and, haven’t adopted healthy eating as a lifestyle verses a destination. Yes!! Keep “inching” toward your goals; it us worthwhile! “Fitness Diva”. Love it!! I may have to use that one. Lol! Thank you so much for following and commenting! I am happy to provide the motivation & inspiration. 😊

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