Jumping To Conclusions

8-29-13 Workout Of The Day

Warm up:                        KB Snatch Review 8 Mins

Mobility/SWOD:           10 Min AMRAP of:

5 KB Snatch L/R (Light) + 10  (T2B, K2C, or K2E)

5 Min AMRAP of:

Weighted Pull up/Strict Pull up

2 Min Transition

WOD:  15 Min AMRAP

30 KB Snatch 15 L/15 R

30 KB Thrusters 15 L/15 R

30 Double Unders or 30 Box Jumps (12”)

Don’t judge a book by its cover!  I’m for real.  We’ve all heard the phrase, but this morning when I looked at the 12” box jumps, that is exactly what I did.  LOL!  The joke was on me.

Note, I opted out on the double unders.  Buying a jump rope is my to-do list.  I’m determined to get the double unders, I just need practice.

Two weeks ago, I kicked it out on the  24” box jumps, so how hard could 12” boxes be?   Haaa!  Do you know Alicia Keys, “This girl is on fire?”  I swear I was singing a similar tune about my quads—and that was only after round one (30).

Though the box was shorter, the pace was faster.  Geez… I’m trying to remember how many rounds, but I’m so wiped out.  I think I did four or five rounds.  Either case, I did at least 90 reps of each.

If you’re reading this and you don’t work out.  Stop! 

Do you care about your health and well-being?  Just for fun, I googled the phrase, “Why should I work out?”

A ton of articles popped up.  My favorite ones are listed below.  Take a few minutes to read through whichever headline resonates with you.  I hope that at least one of the articles strikes a nerve in you… to the point that you decide to get moving.   Start with a 30-minute walk two to three times a week.   When you walk the same distance in a shorter amount of time,  challenge yourself to walk further and faster.  I promise, you’ll feel it.

Later we will talk about CrossFit.  🙂


Thought Provoking Reads

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6 thoughts on “Jumping To Conclusions

  1. You are on a roll! Or is it role? lol I love how you tell the reader to stop reading if they do not work out. lol I have a question. I have worked out every day for the past 3 months. I have not lost a pound! However, I look much better in my clothes and I feel better–oh and my blood pressure has been normal–Praise God!!! I know you are going to say I lost inches and I am definitely benefiting from working out…but, I just really want to see that number drop! I want to lose inches AND pounds! lol Help!!!!

    • Gotta love the complexity of the English language (compared to other languages) because it keeps us on our toes! LOL! Okay, so here’s the deal. Keep your butt OFF the scale! I mean it! Us women are stuck on numbers. We can drop too sizes and stress over the number on the scale. In our mind, a specific number or range falsely represents “in shape” or “success” in weight loss. It’s a lie! It’s a lie! Don’t believe the hype! By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on loosing inches, feeling better, and the decrease in blood pressure! That is fantastic results! Stay with your regime. Forget the number on the scale; it doesn’t matter. Optimum healthy outweighs numbers. In the past two months, I’ve only stepped on the scare once…. the second time was after I read your response this morning. LOL! Since school let out, I’ve been doing Crossfit and/or running five-days per week. My body is performing well, and I am seeing amazing results as my body is being sculpted. So… after reading your comment, I wanted see what I weighed and my genuine response to the number. Drum role….
      …. the scale showed me a heavier weight than I would normally see after such intense training. However, I know that due to increase in muscle mass, I will weigh more. In the end, I looked at the scale– one hand on the hip, while waving the other hand, sarcastically saying to the scale, “You don’t matter anymore!” LMBO!!

  2. lol!!!!!! You know what, I am going to follow your advice because I fit in a dress I have not been able to wear for a year! I was so…happy about it until I stood on the scale. And the women in my family are naturally muscular. We can’t go by that height/weight thingy. lol Please forgive my poor terminology! Fine, I will stay off of my scale. Oh and you would be so proud of me. I just had a peach instead of Oreo cookies. You know Oreos are my weakness, esp since they are vegan (made with soy), but I took the high road. Well, it also helped that I did an advanced Zumba DVD with Jade last night and the dancers didn’t have an ounce of fat on them lol I love you, Girl! Keep inspiring us all!

    • You’re right about that “weight thingy!” LOL! Peaches over Oreo cookies is major for you. Hmm… a vegan Oreo? I can’t even begin to image how they taste, but it must be delicious if you buy them. 🙂 Congratulations girl!! Do you know that I have never taken a Zumba class? Once of these days, I’ll take a class, but for now, I’m hooked on CrossFit and running.

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